Competition Winners 2014


Congratulations to our students!

Here is the list of the 2014 competition winners from CAL School of Music.



Music Olympic, MTAC Los Angeles Branch, December 7

            Nakyung Kim, Gold Medal

            Doyoon Kim, Gold Medal

            Sean Kwak, Gold Medal

            Jean Kwak, Gold Medal

            Tommy An, Silver Medal

            Yena Kim, Silver Medal

            Vincent An, Bronze Medal

            Claire Bleu Lee, Bronze Medal

            Lane Star Lee, Bronze Medal

            Katelyn Kim, Bronze Medal

            Ashlyn Kim, Bronze Medal

            Amy Seung, Bronze Medal


Rhapsody Young Musician Competition, October 26

            Doyoon Kim, 1st Place

            Sean Kwak, 1st Place

            Nakyung Kim, Honorable Mention   


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